Eating Well for a Ski Holiday

skiing holidays

We think that when we are going on a ski holiday like going to Whistler Blackcomb hotels, that we won’t get a bit fat. This is because we think that will all the skiing that we are going to do, will keep us in shape. But, the truth is that we love to eat, especially during the skiing holidays. And, if you are trying to eat right and are thinking of going on a skiing vacation, then you must know these tips on how to stay healthy and fit.

Pack in healthy snacks

When you are going to the slopes, don’t think that you will buy some snacks there. Pack your own lunch box and make sure that you are just packing in some healthy snacks. You must get some snacks that are high in protein, and high in energy. You need to eat when you are going to ski, but you don’t need to eat all those unhealthy sweets that are sold on the slopes near the Mont Tremblant.

When you are buying lunch

If you are just like the rest of us, you will want to feast on all the unhealthy foods like nachos or a hamburger and chips. But with all these grease, you won’t feel up to another round on the slopes. Rather look for foods at Whistler Blackcomb hotels like a turkey burger, veggie pizza with thin crust, or even a nice, warm soup. Don’t get tempted with all the unhealthy foods.continue reading!

Think about happy hour

When you are waiting for dinner, and you are quite hungry after your skiing, don’t tempt for the unhealthy drinks that some of the places serve. Think more in the line of healthy smoothies and warm drinks and not that alcoholic drinks and smoothies. Rather stay healthy than regretting eating unhealthy after the holiday of going to the downtown Jackson Hole hotels.

Don’t drink sodas when you feel warm

Even in the winter, you will feel warm after a day at the slopes. Then it is quite tempting to drink a cold coda. There are some healthier options available when you are thirsty and looking for something cold to drink.

Off course, you can drink water. Water is always best to drink when you are very thirsty after a day on the slopes. But, if you don’t like drinking water, you should consider drinking fruit juices. There is some level of sugar in the fruit juices, but it is much healthier than the sodas.

skiing holidays

If you are one of those people who want to live a healthier and happier lifestyle, you want to stay healthy and fit, even during the ski vacation that you have planned. But, there are better ways of enjoying your holiday than to eat unhealthy foods.

You don’t need to drink unhealthy drinks to keep yourself warm. You can also drink warm drinks that are a lot healthier than coffee and other hot drinks. Make some changes and just eat healthy foods. Then you will know that when the vacation is over, you hadn’t put on any weight during the holiday to Mont Tremblant with Tremblant Sunstar.

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